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Safe and new beginnings
There is no limit to what women can accomplish

Who We Are 

Joanna MacDonald established Safe Transitions in 2020 out of the urgent need for relief from over-run shelters. This not-for-profit exists to help women and children move out of shelters and into their own home. Survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking are among the most vulnerable people in our communities, and often do not get the attention they deserve.

Shelters are inundated with an increased requirement for safe housing. Statistics show that on any given night, 300 women and children are turned away from the shelter system because there are no beds. Safe Transitions acts as an intermediary organization connecting shelters with landlords who will provide safe homes for individuals ready to begin their transition from a shelter to a new beginning.


For some, home is not a safe place.

Some unsettling information shows the staggering rise in domestic violence cases since the Canadian government enforced the “stay home” guidelines. Lives are at risk but due to overcrowding, shelters have been forced to turn people away – back home to their abusers.

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 Current Situation

In any given night, about 300 women and children are turned away because there are no beds. It is expected that the COVID-19 outbreak will make things worse. – Canadian Women’s Foundation (April 8, 2020)
Domestic violence incidents grew by 22 percent. In the last 30 days, York Regional Police Officers have responded to nearly 700 domestic incidents. - York Regional Police (April 8, 2020)
Traffic to has doubled since March 2020.

What our partners have to say

Safe Transitions has developed a great partnership with SAVIS, and their dedication to supporting survivors of human trafficking has been instrumental to individuals looking for housing stability. The team at Safe Transitions operates with non-judgement, understanding and empathy. Our clients are provided with housing, employment and mental health supports, along with system navigation. We hope to continue working with the team at Safe Transitions as their program has been life-changing for several survivors.

- Ravleen Kaur, Manager, Anti-Human Trafficking Program at Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services (SAVIS) of Halton.

Founding Financial Sponsor: 

Our Community Partners 

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